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Making you stand out when you seek investment

So you’ve got an idea and you’ve proven the concept has potential traction – it’s probably time to get investment to help you scale.

Unfortunately, investors are very busy people who see hundreds of pitch decks a week. That means you have very limited time to make an impression in order to get a meeting, and when you get that meeting you need to impress.

We’ve created over 40 pitch decks for startups, and with the help of our contacts in the venture funding world, have optimised how we create the perfect pitch deck for their needs.

We take a brief from you on what you’re trying to achieve, and then our team of presentation design specialists put your pitch deck together. Typically they’re 10-15 slides long to cover all of the key information an investor wants to see including:

– What problem you’re solving
– What your products USP is
– The market opportunity
– Who the competitors are and why you’re better
– Your business model
– Your core leadership team
– Initial traction/metrics
– Financials (if you’re revenue generating already)
– Go to market plan
– What investment you’re looking for and why you need it
We love getting creative with startup pitch decks, and often they help you craft your overall brand over time also.

Get in touch with us to start discussing how we can help you close that funding round through the perfect pitch deck today.

Our Process

1. Understand your startup

2. Take a brief on what you're pitching for

3. Create your pitch deck and send for feedback

4. Incorporate any feedback and send over final files

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