Startup mentoring.


Starting a startup is hard. No matter how good your team is, you’re going to face challenges you haven’t foreseen and haven’t experienced before.

We believe that external advice and mentoring in regular sessions can hugely benefit your business and give you a greater chance of success.

Our team have worked in and on startups from all sectors for a number of years, and there’s not many problems we (or our vast contact network) can’t solve.

Each mentoring programme works differently dependent upon your challenges, your goals and your experience. But, in every case the ultimate goal is the same – to help your startup succeed. To achieve this we aim to challenge you and your team, hold you accountable for your actions, help with contacts where possible, and to help you overcome hurdles that appear in your startup journey.

Working together in this way is a relationship, and can work in a number of different ways dependent upon how much support you need.

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