Our experience & approach.

We live the startup dream. We’ve worked with startups big and small, through failure and success. We’ve worked with governments, global conglomerates, and one-man bands. In essence, we’ve seen it all – and are now offering our experience to your startup to help you scale, fast.


We take the lean startup principles, and apply them to all areas of our business and our work for startups. We are experts in strategic thinking, asset creation, and idea validation. Our core process is outlined below to help you visualise how we could work together to grow your startup.


Our team are formulated from the best people from strategy, marketing, UX, technical, finance and support spheres. Our founder, Ben Harper, created Set For Scale after working with a number of startups throughout his career, before successfully founding and exiting a digital marketing business.

Our Process

01. One

The first step in our process is to understand the problem you’re solving. By understanding your target markets pain point, and how your product is going to solve that, we gain a much deeper insight into your startups potential.

02. Two

Next we look at the size of the target market and your plans to assess the potential size of your startup in the future. This allows us to work with you in the best way based on your ambitions and aims.

03. Three

We always aim to validate every idea, no matter how big or small. Until you get a feel for how your target audience are going to react to your concept, and whether they see the value in it, you shouldn’t go beyond the idea stage.

04. Four

Once the idea is validated, we help you create a go-to-market strategy. This will highlight how you should tackle the target market, and what your strategy should be on everything from pricing, sales tactics, retention planning, and marketing strategy.

05. Five

We love helping startups with asset creation. From pitch decks to aid with investment rounds, to creating concepts that can be used for marketing purposes or to aid a developer with a full build – our team is poised to make your startup come to life.

06. Six

We add most value by working with startups long term through becoming an advisor or mentor of the company and/or the founders. This allows us to share our experience across a wide range of situations as they arise, and helps you avoid the mistakes that can easily be made.